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29 Sep '15

The other 90%

Posted by Julie Sager
At some point today Dad (Greg) offered this nugget of wisdom:

"The first 90% of a project takes 90% of your time. The last 10% takes the other 90."

That's what today was about. All the little things that have added up to make one heck of a to do list. And the fun distractions.

This morning I was working on antique window. It was going to be thrown away, but a few coats later and it's a pretty purple. Now where to hang it... Oh wait. There's more painting to do. Drat. Back to painting for the window display.

Wrong end of the brush went in the paint! This is how you know you've been painting for entirely too long.

But back to those fun distractions: Minion Funbites! Just arrived today.



Minions sandwich cuttersWhat an easy way to make a lunchbox exciting! 













 Ok, back to painting.


All kidding aside, when we had finished for the day we walked out and saw this.

The front window


Completely Worth It.

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