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28 Sep '15

How to Build the Best Baby Gift Shop

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local

Start with a mountain of adorable baby gifts. Boxes and boxes and boxes of huggable, lovable, and useful items for new parents.

The shelves are up!Add hand built shelving, many many hours of painting, and an occasional tripped breaker (2 and counting). All completed by three owners working dawn to dusk hoping that what they're creating is helpful.

Stir in a fantastic community of folks who will offer friendly help and support (today's accomplices are Rebecca, Mary Jo, and John for their invaluable help & advice). Plus complete strangers who offer a complement as they walk by.

Our new window areaYou don't just get a fantastic window display. Which I'm pretty sure we ended up with today.


Or a beautiful gift boutique

winter baby bonnets   Christening gifts

VMI baby gift wall

You build an uplifting storybook tale of community, friendship, and care.

Teddy Bears reading a storybook

Thank you to the friends and family who helped us start.
Thank you to everyone in Lexington, VA who has helped us grow.
And thank you in advance for all the wonderful things we will build together.

Your Storybook Boutique reopens October 1st
5 W Nelson
Lexington, VA

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