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27 Sep '15

Fun & Folly

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local


Driving the Sales Counter down the streetThe day started with moving the very heavy pieces of our sales counter. Thankfully the fantastic guys from Southern Girls came to our rescue. The solution? Put the pieces on furniture dollies and drive them down the street. No people, furniture, or vehicles were harmed in the process, so it must have been a good idea.


Stocking the shelvesWith the big pieces somewhat in place Mom and I were free to stock. As if that wasn't fun enough we even got to open up new product! Our Nat & Jules Hand Puppets came in just before we started moving, so they've been sitting in a box, just waiting for their chance to tell their story.

Cormac the Cow PuppetMeet Cormac: He likes storytime, laughing and long walks on the beach... Or at least he thinks he would.


And then, just when we were getting silly with excitement about seeing the shelves looking beautiful and full...

"Oops. I just tripped the circuit."
"Where's the circuit breaker?"

Our best tip for moving into a new location is to know where the circuit breaker is BEFORE you start adjusting the lighting.

Lights out!

Well darn.

We ended the day by enjoying a gift from our Southern Girls friends. Thanks to the fantastic ladies (and gents) for the help and the celebratory beverages!

Remember: This fantastic shop opens October 1st (complete with lighting... hopefully).

5 W Nelson
Lexington, VA

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