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26 Sep '15

It's Almost Ready!

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local
Painting Again

Today, I painted. Again. But three colors, 6 coats and several hours later the window display area looks fantastic! Or at least I think so. Feel free to correct me. Just a little touching up and then a quick trim installation and we'll be ready to show off old favorites and new arrivals.

New displays






Plus 3 new displays built and ready to go!

It's our green!Today's Surprise:
When we pulled out the old trim in the window display we found old green walls - almost our exact same shade. We're taking this as a good omen.








Baz the puppy!Our first visitor came by too! Baz was congratulating Ally on all her hard work. Keeping us on schedule has been really hard on the old girl.

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