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25 Sep '15

Ally Inspection

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local

Ally SupervisingToday was a long day, but a really rewarding one. Ally helped lift our spirits by assisting with the slat wall hanging. And by assisting, I mean she sat on top of the pieces.

 Ally LeavingHer management style involves lots of watching.






store windowAnd finally, in the last hours of the day, it started to look like a shop. Still lots more painting to do (Oh, Bother!) in the window display and a few more construction projects, but look how far we've made it!

shelves are up










Thanks to everyone who popped in to share your excitement! The Main Street location will be open Saturday, but then we'll be moving over. 



slatwall doneCome by and say hi October 1st to see our new home! (And say hi to Ally, she really likes visitors)

5 W Nelson St.
Lexington, VA



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