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04 Nov '16

Our Simple Secrets of the Perfect Baby Gift

Posted by Ginny Parker in Fun, gift ideas, Shop Local

We see it all the time. A customer comes in looking for a gift because they're going to a baby shower. Some shop early and take their time in choosing a gift while others are last minute customers who are shopping on the fly.  But both have one thing in common, they want the perfect gift. Here are the thoughts we frequently share with our customers in search for the perfect baby gift.

First, while you want the perfect gift for the new family, a gift is about the giver as well. Choose a gift that reflects your personality as well as something the mother will like.

There are always the "go to" brands or products. If you don't know the mother well, there are always safe choices which never fail to please. 

Often the mother has a registry at a big box. Many of our customers use the registry as a starting point for choosing a wonderful and unique gift. Read the registry list and even bring it shopping with you. That way, you can have an idea of what Mom likes and wants and you can get creative from there. A recent customer had a registry list and from it determined the nursery was being decorated with a zoo theme. Our customer felt safe buying a giraffe belly blanket and the new mom loved it. 

Of course, we recommend Shop Local. Or if you are shopping online, choose the smaller online stores, like ours, and stay away from the big boxes. You are far more likely to find something unique that no one else has found.  

And the last thing we recommend is this --- Have fun with it!



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