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28 Jun '19

Expecting a baby? What do you REALLY need to have?

Posted by Ginny cs@babysfirstgifts.com in essentials, gift ideas, Shop Local

Expecting a baby? What do you REALLY need to have?

One of the first things I realized when we decided to open a baby shop was that things had changed quite a bit in the roughly thirty years since I was having babies. I set about getting re-educated on the "modern" way of doing things but also realized that some old tried and trues still apply. First thing to remember is that you don't need to buy the whole store!  There are many manufacturers and baby stores making lots of money off of convincing new mothers that they need everything but the kitchen sink. Not true!

That said, the list of things new moms do need can be a bit overwhelming. Going to a large store and filling out a baby registry is a good option, but remember that it is the task of the sales person helping you with that is to, well, sell you things. You'll put some things on the list because it is cute and you really want it for your baby and that's okay. But to ensure that you get the things you really need, I recommend you keep the "cute, just because" list to a minimum. I can't tell you how many people we've had come into our little shop, ask after a gift registry for a new mom, and then buy something that isn't on it because they want to do something different. So, you might get a lot of those cute things anyway. 
I've created a list based off what real moms shop for and what our customers have told me are the most useful for them. Peruse and consider the list, but remember that your needs might be different too. Every new mom has to find what works best for her and her family.

Diapers. You might wish to use cloth (reusable) diapers or might opt for disposables. Either way, people bringing diapers to your shower is something you want to see happening! Newborns go through diapers like nothing you've ever seen.  For our first born, I got a case of disposables and 24 of the old Birdseye cloth diapers. Believe me, both got lots of use! 

Which leads me to the second thing on the list, Burp Cloths.  Cloth diapers weren't as easy back then and we gravitated toward the disposables. But the 24 cloth diapers did not go to waste. They made great burp cloths!  These days, companies like Aden & Anais and Copper Pearl create wonderfully colorful and soft burp cloths to protect your clothing. I'm partial to the Aden & Anais that is shaped to contour to the shoulder and then converts to a bib for baby's use later. But I have to say, the Copper Pearl is sooo soft and I love their prints. Whichever style you choose, you're going to need plenty.

Swaddle Blankets: This is one item that I suggest splurging on (and it seems that every other list I read thought the same thing). Our customers love to give Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets. They are breathable so baby does not overheat, large enough to easily swaddle baby, and can double as a car seat cover and nursing cover. But again, consider the Copper Pearl blankets. They are super soft and come in some really fun designs.

A Good Diaper Bag: You definitely want a bag to keep all of baby’s necessities in when you go out. This can either mean buying a diaper bag with specialized compartments, or re-purposing a bag that you already have! Daddies seem to prefer a backpack style bag and Moms love the hands free aspect of a backpack. Our favorite brand is Ju Ju Be. We've tried others but none seem to compare well. They have various price points but be warned, as with anything, you get what you pay for.

Sleep Sack: Many babies sleep better when swaddled, and having a good sleep sack makes a huge difference. Once they've learned to escape the swaddle blanket, a good sleep sack will keep them more secure, and allow for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night. Aden and Anais has a nice line of sleeping bags for baby, made from cotton muslin, roomy, yet snug enough. They come in a light weight, one layer style and a multi layer winter version.

Noise Machine: Babies love white noise and seem to sleep better with it.  If you think about it, they are born being used to sound all around them. These make wonderful shower gifts.

Medical and Personal Care items:  For your newborn, you'll need to have the basics like a thermometer, nail clippers, brush/comb. You will also want alcohol wipes/swabs (comes in very handy to tend to the umbilical cord if needed), baby Tylenol (you should have it in case you need it, you never know). Diaper rash cream, because you will inevitably need it. And lastly, you NEED a Nose Frida! I know it seems gross now but the first time your little one has a runny nose, it will be obvious why this is worth every penny. FridaBaby has several great products for baby care including a medicine dispenser and a thermometer that talks to your smart phone.

Toys & Teethers:  New babies don't need many toys. and they can easily overrun your house, but as baby grows,they are great for keeping baby occupied and giving them something to help them developmentally. You should have a few select toys, ones that serve multiple purposes to get the most use out of them. And books are always a great idea! Also, after a few months your baby will start to teethe; it helps to have a teether for them to chew on so they don’t end up using your fingers all day. We have several to choose from including wood and silicone ones from LouLou Lollipop, but our favorite is the Toofeeze.

Clothes and Linens:  Of course, you need to get clothes, but you don’t need to go overboard. Don’t get too many newborn clothes, they don’t wear then for that long! Gowns are great for the first few weeks because of the easy access for diaper changes. Here are a few thoughts on how much you actually need:

    • Crib sheets- Three is probably the magic number here, one for the crib, one in the laundry, and one to spare. 
    • Onesies-  For everyday 10-12  is required unless you want to do laundry frequently. Make sure you have a few long sleeves, but remember that you can always layer with a sweater if cold so err on the side of short sleeve unless you live in a really cold area.
    •  Bottoms- You may not need an exact ratio of bottoms to tops; most days if you are just around the house you won't even put pants on Baby. 
    • Footed pajamas– Plan on two a day. some prefer the snap up style while others seem to  like the zipper kind. 
    • Hats– This depends on where you live and what time of year your baby is born. Knit hats are great for winter babies and for those who are in sunny climes, a sunhat of some description is a must.
    • Mittens– They are rare, but thumbless mittens exist for the very small. As Baby gets a little older, mittens are the perfect choice and then, of course, gloves for the older child. 
    • Socks– Once again, it depends on where you live. In warmer months, they aren't necessary until baby is ready for shoes. In cooler climates, you might want to have a few pairs. 
    • Jackets– This depends on the time of year. It never hurts to always have one light weight sweater year round. In colder months you definitely need a jacket. Buying sweaters and jackets with hoods is a good idea since they help keep little heads warm without worrying about hats.
  • You will need a place to change the baby. There are several excellent choices of changing pads that work just about anywhere. We've been admiring the Dock-A-Tot because it is such a versatile mat.
  • There are also the more obvious things like cribs and car seats, carriers, and rockers. Shop carefully and google the ones you are interested in for any possible recalls. 

It seems like a lot, but when you have the essentials, life with Baby goes so much smoother!

14 Dec '16

What Moms Really Want For Christmas

Posted by Ginny Parker in Christmas, gift ideas, Lexington, Shop Local

What Moms Really Want For Christmas

Ask any Mom what she wants this year and she'll tell you she wishes for a happy holiday with her family and for everyone to be healthy. And while that's true, if you dig a little deeper, you'll discover what that really means. We have a few thoughts that are the results of personal experience and what our customers tell us.

Here's our list of Mom's deepest desires:

First, she'd love to be able to sleep in one or two mornings. Sleep is the one thing mothers never seem to have enough of and with some cooperation between Dad and the kids, maybe just for a couple of mornings during the holidays she could actually get some extra Zzzzzz....

Second, Mom would love a delicious meal that did not involve her cooking it or cleaning up the mess after everyone has eaten. Dad, or the grandparents perhaps, could foot the bill for a nice dinner out or what she might enjoy even more is the kids handing her an afghan and cozy pillow as she puts her feet up in her favorite chair while the rest of the family takes on kitchen duty for the evening. Come on Dads, you can do this! And pizza delivery doesn't count fellas, has to be a good meal.

Moms energy gets zapped regularly during the holiday season, so it might be Dad's job or perhaps an older child can help keep the coffee ready for those times Mom needs a boost.

Okay kids, you can take charge of this one! Keep all the toys picked up. Don't let Mom see any out of place during the holidays unless you are using them. And when you're done, put them away! Simple but effective. And Mom will relish it too.

How would you like a massage? We can guarantee Mom would love one. Again, a simple thing but very effective for relieving the holiday stress and keeping Mom in a good mood.

Chocolate and lots of it! Chocolate makes everything better and there are so many ways to provide it. A hot cocoa in the evening or a chunk of it mid day will give Mom a dose of goodness that she'll enjoy.

Peace. After all isn't that what the angels decreed? Peace on Earth. Or at least in your house. Give weary Mom a few minutes of her very own everyday and everyone will be happier for it. And kids, you can help with this Peace thing too; no squabbles during the holidays. Peace.

And our last suggestion is the easiest of all. Hugs and kisses. Moms love hugs and kisses and not just the chocolate ones either. They are easy and free and make for cherished moments. Shower her with them!

Now, if you don't think you can accomplish everything on our list, pick your top three and go for it!  It is a guarantee for a very Merry Christmas!


04 Nov '16

Our Simple Secrets of the Perfect Baby Gift

Posted by Ginny Parker in Fun, gift ideas, Shop Local

Our Simple Secrets of the Perfect Baby Gift

We see it all the time. A customer comes in looking for a gift because they're going to a baby shower. Some shop early and take their time in choosing a gift while others are last minute customers who are shopping on the fly.  But both have one thing in common, they want the perfect gift. Here are the thoughts we frequently share with our customers in search for the perfect baby gift.

First, while you want the perfect gift for the new family, a gift is about the giver as well. Choose a gift that reflects your personality as well as something the mother will like.

There are always the "go to" brands or products. If you don't know the mother well, there are always safe choices which never fail to please. 

Often the mother has a registry at a big box. Many of our customers use the registry as a starting point for choosing a wonderful and unique gift. Read the registry list and even bring it shopping with you. That way, you can have an idea of what Mom likes and wants and you can get creative from there. A recent customer had a registry list and from it determined the nursery was being decorated with a zoo theme. Our customer felt safe buying a giraffe belly blanket and the new mom loved it. 

Of course, we recommend Shop Local. Or if you are shopping online, choose the smaller online stores, like ours, and stay away from the big boxes. You are far more likely to find something unique that no one else has found.  

And the last thing we recommend is this --- Have fun with it!



27 Nov '15

Shop Local for Your Community

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local

Shop Local for Your Community

There's a lot of talk about shopping local this time of year, but what does it really mean?
The Huffington Post published a fantastic infographic last year that helped break down the numbers. But here's the bottom line.
Shop Local for your community
What does that mean for your community?
  • More schools
  • Better Roads
  • Beautiful Parks
  • Higher home values
  • Lower Taxes
  • More Jobs
  • Support for Police & Fire Departments
  • And anything else your community values....
So shop local small businesses whenever you can or small businesses in other communities you care about.
Get more for your dollar: Give more to the community you love.
28 Sep '15

How to Build the Best Baby Gift Shop

Posted by Julie Sager in Lexington, Shop Local

How to Build the Best Baby Gift Shop

Start with a mountain of adorable baby gifts. Boxes and boxes and boxes of huggable, lovable, and useful items for new parents.

The shelves are up!Add hand built shelving, many many hours of painting, and an occasional tripped breaker (2 and counting). All completed by three owners working dawn to dusk hoping that what they're creating is helpful.

Stir in a fantastic community of folks who will offer friendly help and support (today's accomplices are Rebecca, Mary Jo, and John for their invaluable help & advice). Plus complete strangers who offer a complement as they walk by.

Our new window areaYou don't just get a fantastic window display. Which I'm pretty sure we ended up with today.


Or a beautiful gift boutique

winter baby bonnets   Christening gifts

VMI baby gift wall

You build an uplifting storybook tale of community, friendship, and care.

Teddy Bears reading a storybook

Thank you to the friends and family who helped us start.
Thank you to everyone in Lexington, VA who has helped us grow.
And thank you in advance for all the wonderful things we will build together.

Your Storybook Boutique reopens October 1st
5 W Nelson
Lexington, VA



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