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Fork and Spoon

$ 10.00 

Eat4Fun is a delightful line of children's utensils designed to make mealtime something kids of all ages can enjoy...  Fun, functional and educational! Who can resist a smiling face with every bite?  One fork and one spoon each.

Truly unique.  Original designs, and a patented Xtra wash process that make each and every piece dishwasher safe for up to 500 washings!  No nasty PVC or BPA, these utensils are safe for kids and good for the environment.  Eat 4 Fun also subscribes to the highest standards of international testing to ensure their products will meet required testing for a variety of countries, as well as moms.  Stainless steel parts are mirror polished by hand for an extra bright finish, and don't worry, they won't ever rust.