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Bearington Barnyard Friends Plush

Bearington Barnyard Friends Plush

$ 15.50

Welcome to the Barnyard! Meet Blaze, the 13.5” adorable stuffed animal horse. Or how about the  16" Charlie Horse that everyone will love? Also in the Barnyard, you'll find Garret the grey goat with soft fur and a soft body that can stand on its own, 13” long. Then there's Pig E. Sue pink pig with soft fur and a soft huggable body, 12” long.  Lil' Peep, a 6" yellow baby chick with soft fur and sparkling eyes keeps everything lively. And don't forget Tipper, a cute black and white cow with soft fur and a soft floppy body that can be positioned sitting or standing, 10” long. A delicately stuffed, poseable floppy body and child safe inner bean bag weighted paws make this plush cow a cuddly huggable friend. Don't forget Roy the Rooster and Pedro the Donkey, fun loving additions to the farmyard!



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