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Gummee Glove

$ 20.00

BABY HANDS ALWAYS IN THEIR MOUTH? Parents, this is the teether solution and complete kit that your baby needs for their entire teething journey to help soothe the pain and gum irritation, prevent sore skin from excess saliva and thumb sucking, and keep them safe from scratching themselves.

ENTERTAINMENT AND SENSORY DEVELOPMENT The high contrast colours, soft silicone teethers, detachable teething ring and crinkle patch helps baby reach their developmental milestones sooner. The mitt keeps baby entertained so that Mom finally has time for that shower, finish a drink or have a snack.

HELPS FUSSY BABIES GET RELIEF FOR THOSE HOT ITCHY GUMS The BPA, latex & Phthalate free, all natural, baby safe, convenient solution for teething for your tiny teether will transform your fussy, crying baby in to a happy smiling little one, making you feel happier too.

TIRED OF CONSTANTLY PICKING UP AND CLEANING DROPPED TEETHING TOYS? Gummee glove has an adjustable hook and loop closure around the wrist to keep the mitt secure on baby’s hand so that it can’t be thrown from the stroller or high chair. Each glove also comes with a detachable teething ring, so that baby has something to use when they grow out of the glove, as well as a complimentary travel/laundry pouch.

SAFE FOR BABY, HIGH QUALITY AND MADE TO LAST Click the add to cart button now to order the only teething kit you will ever need for your baby - and if your baby is not entirely happy, we will refund you, no questions asked. Global Multi-Award winner, used and recommended by health professionals World wide.



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