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Happy Fox Books Anthill

Happy Fox Books Anthill

$ 9.99

A charming picture book to show kids what it would be like to be an ant!

  • Unique board book teaches kids about the important lives and work of a colony of ants
  • An amazing adventure takes children inside an anthill with every new turn of the page
  • Learn the different kinds of ants, what they do (it's a lot!), how they live, and what all the amazing passageways inside an anthill are for
  • Cut-out accents and charming illustrations on unique anthill-shaped, extra-thick board pages
  • Kids age 2-5 will love learning all about ants, with fun facts, interesting captions, and new vocabulary words

We see ants almost every day, but have you ever wondered what they do on a daily basis or what it would be like to live inside of an anthill? Now you can find out!

This charming, one-of-a-kind board book teaches young children what it would be like to be an ant by starting on the outside of the anthill and working its way deeper in with each turn of the page!

A one-of-a-kind board book that features dozens of adorable illustrations, educational captions, vocabulary words, cut-out accents, and hidden chambers to be revealed, Anthill will delight kids while they learn all about busy ants and the amazing work they do!



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