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Ju Ju Be Be Classy - Onyx Collection - Black Magic - Baby's First Gifts - 3

Ju Ju Be Be Classy - Onyx Collection

$ 165.00

This is why we love Ju-Ju-Be.They asked what their customers wanted and reviewed all the comments they received and have used that input to create the next innovation in the Ju-Ju-Be line ... the Be Classy. Smaller than the Be Prepared and without the flap of a Better Be, it has sleek internal bottle pockets like the BeHave. Clean external lines and an upscale silhouette add to the look. Customers requested and they delivered structured hand-bag style handles for shoulder carrying but also include a messenger strap as well. And now they've included it in their newest collection -- Onyx. All the hardware and the nameplate are in matte black. Beautiful fabric designs with coordinating patterns inside. You're going to love your new bag!