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JuJuBe Harry Potter Be Quick 6 - HoneyDukes

JuJuBe Harry Potter Be Quick 6 - HoneyDukes

$ 30.00

Feast your eyes on Honeydukes, the most delicious JJJ/Harry Potterƒ?› print this side of Hogsmeadeƒ?›!?ÿ Adorned with Honeydukesƒ?› iconic bubblegum pink and peppermint colorway and featuring cute renderings of well-known candies, this is a print that members of every House will love!?ÿ Fun details make Honeydukes pop, including Chocolate Frogƒ?› zipper pulls, bright green trims and elegant satin silver hardware!?ÿ Thereƒ??s even a coordinating Honeydukes-colored logo patch and a pink-and-peppermint pinstripe lining!?ÿ From Chocolate Frogsƒ?› to Fizzing Whizzbeesƒ?›, Honeydukes exudes sweetness, excitement and surprise!



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