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Mary Meyer Tingo Flamingo - Rattle

Mary Meyer Tingo Flamingo - Rattle

$ 8.99

It’s not easy being humble when you’re a flamingo, but we think Tingo does a lovely job of being sweet and demure, even with an embroidered tiara.

Rattle - 6″   Perfect size for little hands to hold. All embroidered details. A little shake creates a soft rattle sound. Fuzzy, long pile blush wings.

Crinkle Me - part soother, part activity toy. Simple activity toy with sewn in teether and floral embroidery. Crinkle sound and squeeze activated squeaker inside with a soft teether sewn in corner. Flexible loop clip for attaching to stroller, cribs and more. Aqua ribbed plush backing. 6" x 6"

Plush - Our sweet and sleepy flamingo has knotted knees so she’s easy to hold and fuzzy wings so she’s ready to hug. 12″ with all-embroidered details. Grey marl jersey beak and legs and fuzzy blush plush wings. Weighted bum.

Character Blanket -  Embroidered blanket with textured plush trim. Flamingo on top has matching embroidery. 13×13″ with colorful embroidered flower crown and blanket applique. Pink plush backing. Babies love the multiple textures

All are machine wash, air dry.



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