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Nat & Jules Hamlet Teddy Bear

Nat & Jules Hamlet Teddy Bear

$ 16.00

You will make some special, long-lasting memories with Hamlet the Forever My Teddy Bear by Nat and Jules. This fluffy teddy bear is so lovable, so huggable, and so cuddly you won’t believe it until he’s safe inside your arms. Made of the finest plush, and stuffed the highest-quality materials, this fluffy teddy bear is the kind of toy your child will really fall in love with. Maybe it’s his embroidered eyes, or his soft cloth nose, but this fluffy blue teddy bear has charm that quite simply cannot be denied. Measuring at a convenient eleven inches, this not-too-big and not-too-small fluffy teddy bear features a soft, floppy, long-limbed variation on the classic teddy bear design. Hamlet the Forever My Teddy Bear by Nat and Jules is just begging to be taken home and adopted by someone who keep him as a friend for life. 



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