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Babies smile brighter with gifts from us!

Pebble Friendly Fruit Rattle

Pebble Friendly Fruit Rattle

$ 15.95

Any baby who plays with these fun fruity rattles will surely have a smile just as big! happy faces are entertaining are entertaining and the tiny jingling is nice and soothing. The women artisans who crochet these rattles in rural Bangladesh also have big smiles because they are happy to have steady work. 

Pebble products are made entirely by hand with natural materials and as such there will be slight variations in size, colour and design in line with the unique nature of this product.

Materials: 100% cotton with 100% polyester fill.

Size: length approx 13cm, width approx 9cm

Care instructions: machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried on a low setting



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