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Scholastic Bob Books: Set 1 Beginning Readers

Scholastic Bob Books: Set 1 Beginning Readers

$ 17.99

This popular phonics program uses effortlessly simple stories to let the youngest readers experience success while gaining skills. With four letters in the first story, children can read a whole book. Consistent new sounds are added gradually, until young readers have read books with all letters of the alphabet. Packed in a sturdy box, the little books feature simple, funny stories illustrated with line drawings to delight children and help instill a love of reading. Even the newest readers gain a sense of accomplishment in being able to read, and also in being able to finish an entire book. Created by reading expert B. L. Maslen, the ten books in this set, from the top-selling reading program in the U.S., gently introduce children to kindergarten sight words. Word repetition helps children succeed as their reading skills increase. Filled with drama, humor, and sweet surprises, these effortless books create a unique first reading experience.



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